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Our Office

Ravid Sharon law firm was founded 11 years ago by, how not, attorney Ravid Sharon, and deals in the field of torts.

  • Personal Injury: Representation of clients in order to realize their rights in cases of personal injury as a result of various accidents, at school, at home, on the way and at work.

  • Medical Negligence: The field of claims for medical malpractice is a unique and complex field that requires an in-depth knowledge of the world of health services.

  • Road Accidents: The definition of an accident as a road accident according to the Compensation Law for Road Accident Victims includes many variables, according to the law, regulations and rulings, as well as many meanings for such a definition

  • Work Accidents: Representation and accompaniment in employers' claims and claims

  • National Insurance: Accompanying policyholders in claims for general disability, work disability, claim for injury allowance and more.

  • Defense Ministry claims: Claims for injuries or illnesses during military and security service.

Areas of Expertise

Ravid, a resident of Talmon, is married to Ayelet and they have seven children.

As part of his public activity, Adv. Sharon served as chairman of the secretariat of the Talmon settlement, and today serves as spokesman for the settlement. In the past, Ravid participated in a number of world-wide journeys on behalf of the Jewish Agency and assisted in bringing many Jews to Israel.

Ravid Sharon was certified as a lawyer in 1999 and as a notary in 2010.

At the beginning of his career, he dealt in the field of torts, on behalf of the insurance companies. Later on he worked in the field as an employee on behalf of a law firm in Jerusalem, and in 2009 he established the firm.

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